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Welcome to Mingjia Electric co., Ltd


      Mingjia Electric co., Ltd is a Thermostat Manufacturer,After over 10 years experience in designing, specifying and supplying thermistors, temperature sensors,switch, thermostats and thermal fuses, PTC heater, Mingjia has been established to meet the needs of the constantly changing and evolving thermal protection and temperature sensing market.
    Our product line consist 1/2’’bimetal thermostat, 3/4’’ bimetal thermostat, capillary thermostat, KST KSD thermostat, thermal switch, thermal protector ,thermal fuse, anion generator, temperature sensor, rotary switch, thermistor (NTC and PTC), NTC sensor, refrigerator defrost thermostat, refrigerator defrost timer, ion generator PTC heater, and other components. 

Recommended Products
  • Thermal protector - 17AMK17AMKThermal protector

    17AMK thermal protector uses snap-action principle. The bimetal disc senses both heat & current from the equipment which 17AMK is installed on. When the temperature of the disc reaches a predetermined calibration point, the disc snaps open the contacts, thus breaking the current path. When the 17AMK thermal protector resets (close circuit) automatically.

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  • Saginomiya  Caplliary Thermostat - WDF18WDF18Saginomiya Caplliary Thermostat

    The capillary thermostat has an excellent dial adjustable design used to control temperature in air or fluid applications. This design offers exceptional flexibility with its remote sensing feature. Applications include refrigeration, agriculture, food service equipment, saunas and numerous industrial uses
    This product series is based on fixed-temperature rest. It has the function of force-stop opens and defrosts. When cam lies in different place, the temperature monitors for out also different. But the temperature for start machine will not change. It is best applicable for frozen case, direct-cold, two-door, dual-temperature refrigerator.

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  • Peltier Module  - TECTECPeltier Module

    A Peltier module (Peltier cooler) is the opposite of a thermoelectric generator. In a peltier module / Peltier cooler, electric power is used to generate a temperature difference between the two sides of the device, while in a thermoelectric generator, a temperature difference between the two sides is used to generate electric power. The operation of both is closely related (both are manifestations of the thermoelectric effect), and therefore the devices are generally constructed from similar materials using similar designs

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  • Thermal Fuse - RYRYThermal Fuse

    Our RY type thermal fuse uses an organic thermosensitive pellet inside a metal case.
    Thermal fuses (or thermal cut-offs) are "one-shot", non-resettable, temperature-sensitive devices that provides ultimate temperature protection in safety critical circuit. Thermal Cutoffs respond to temperature by interrupting an electrical circuit when the operating and/or environmental temperature exceeds the thermal rating of the thermal fuse. This is accomplished when the organic pellet experiences a phase change, allowing the spring activated contacts to permanently open the circuits. They are mainly defined by their temperature setting but also by the current rating, which is the maximum continuous current that can be applied. Thermal Cutoffs respond to temperature by interrupting an electrical circuit when the operating and/or environmental temperature exceeds the thermal rating of the thermal fuse.

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  • Oven Rotary Switch - XZ307-7XXXZ307-7XXOven Rotary Switch

    Cooker Thermostat with Rotary Switch has function of regulating the shelf location. Used in oven, plate hob, household appliances, mechanical equipment, etc.

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  • Negative Ion Generator - JC-101JC-101Negative Ion Generator

    An ion is an electrically charged particle, and an ion generator or ionizer is a device which creates ions and puts them into the air. There are supposed to be health and other benefits about living in an environment which has an excess of negative ions.
    Anion generator main in cooling fan, central air conditioning, straightening irons, heater, electric fan, hair dryer, humidifier, air cleaner, lampblack machine, vacuum cleaners, refrigerator, alexipharmic ark, automatic mahjong, artificial flowers, fitness equipment, LED lamp, fluorescent lamp, water dispenser, medical instrument, etc.

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  • Platinum Resistance NTC Temperature Sensor - MFC-L001MFC-L001Platinum Resistance NTC Temperature Sensor

    Temperature sensor is a device that gathers data concerning the temperature from a source and converts it to a form that can be understood either by an observer or another device. Temperature sensors come in many different forms and are used for a wide variety of purposes, from simple home use to extremely accurate and precise scientific use. They play a very important role almost everywhere that they are applied; knowing the temperature helps people to pick their clothing before a walk outside just as it helps chemists to understand the data collected from a complex chemical reaction.

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  • Instant Water Heater thermostat - KSD302-263KSD302-263Instant Water Heater thermostat

    Thermostat 3/4’’ (19mm) is quality & ideal thermal sensor, and the KSD302 series of 3/4” bimetal disc thermostats as high current heater thermostat offers proven reliability in a versatile, cost-effective design. The snap action of the temperature sensing bimetal disc provides high-speed contact separation, resulting in exceptional life characteristics. These are available in Normally open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) versions.
    A wide variety of terminal and mounting configurations are available for maximum design flexibility. This unsurpassed flexibility and time proven reliability, , has made thermostat 3/4’’ the most popular and widely applied thermostat in the major appliance and heating/air conditioning industries such as welding machine and instant water heater machine.

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