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Thermal protector 17AMK
Thermal protector » 17AMK

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Thermal protector

17AMK thermal protector uses snap-action principle. The bimetal disc senses both heat & current from the equipment which 17AMK is installed on. When the temperature of the disc reaches a predetermined calibration point, the disc snaps open the contacts, thus breaking the current path. When the 17AMK thermal protector resets (close circuit) automatically.

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Thermal protector Details

The 17AMK thermal protector protects against overheating & over-current in various motors, transformers, ballasts, battery packs, office electric device, house-using electric device, automotive motors. It is sensitive in action and precision in temperature control.
Package configuration: Terminals of 17AMK-A are on same side, and Terminals of 17AMK-B are on both sides.
Nicety opening Temp: Temperature of thermal protector is controlled and checked by automatic device. That makes the precision of temperature to be trusted.
Well designed structure: It have simple structure and suitability small contact resistance. Moveable contact and fixed contacts are under pressure usually. If reaching rated temperature, it will act rapidly.
Double protect: The thermal protector are sensitive to temperature &current. It is add to circuit in series.
Comparison Table:
Corresponding Type
Corresponding Type
17AMK 50
17AMK 105
17AM 028
17AMK 55
17AMK 110
17AM 029
17AMK 60
17AMK 115
17AM 030
17AMK 65
17AM 020
17AMK 130
17AM 031
17AMK 70
17AM 021
17AMK 125
17AM 032
17AMK 75
17AM 022
17AMK 130
17AM 033
17AMK 80
17AM 023
17AMK 135
17AM 034
17AMK 85
17AM 024
17AMK 140
17AM 035
17AMK 90
17AM 025
17AMK 145
17AM 036
17AMK 95
17AM 026
17AMK 150
17AM 037
17AMK 100
17AM 027
17AMK 155
17AM 038
17AMK are different type for same thermostat
Opening temperature tolerance is ±5℃
Resetting temperature is 2/3 of standard opening temperature or specified by customers. its tolerance is ±15℃
                                          A                                                                                      B
1, Gasket 2, Case 3, Iron Nail 4, Bimetal 5, Movable Contact 6, Fixed Contact 7, Plate

Dimension :
Contact capacity:
These rating of 17AMK are applicable for 5000 cycles
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