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Instant Water Heater Thermostat KSD304A
Instant Water Heater Thermostat » KSD304A

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Instant Water Heater Thermostat

When the temperature rises to the set motion state, the bimetal works, and double poles cut off the electric connection points simultaneously through the driving mechanism and the thermostat stops working; When the temperature drops to the set reset state, the bimetal resets, double poles do not automatically connect the electric connection points through the driving mechanism, operation resumes only by manual push.

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Instant Water Heater Thermostat Details

This series adopt the design of double-pole disconnection(live wire and neutral line). When the temperature rises to the set state, the double poles will cut off the electric connection point. Even if the temperature gets back to normal, the thermostat will not connect the electric connection point. Only through the manual push to Reset, the double poles will be put through simultaneously. In such a way, it can cut off the power of electric appliances and prevent appliances from fire as a result of overheating under normal operation. This product, with perfect moisture-proof and insulation performance, is suitable for home appliances such as electric water heater for temperature controlling and overheating protection, effectively preventing accidents.
                              The thread connection M4 and the straight inserted connection terminal 250 # are available for selection. The adoption of M4 thread can resolve the loose connection and reduce the temperature rise caused by the terminal contact.
                              * In the case of heavy current, this series can also be used in parallel, just like Unipolar 90A runs.
                              * 303 Series can also be set as automatic reset for clients’ selection.
Main Parameters:
     1. Shell: Bakelite
     2. Current: 45A
     3. Temperature: 50℃~120℃
     4. Contact state: Normally closed (NC)
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