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Coffee thermostat KSD303C
Coffee thermostat » KSD303C

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Coffee thermostat

Thermostat with bimetal snap-action disc and ceramic housing
Opens contacts upon rising temperatures (type NC) and closes contacts automatically, when cooled down. The switching temperature is factory preset and cannot be adjusted subsequently. The bimetal disc is placed in direct contact with the aluminium base plate to enable fast thermal response. For use to control or limit a preset temperature, e.g. in coffeemakers, egg boilers, microwave ovens, etc.

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Coffee thermostat Details

Electrical Rating:  AC125V 15A 5A; AC250V; 10A 5A 16A
Operating Temperature: -30oC--270oC
Temperature Difference: Normally15--25oC
Tolerance: Standard±5oC
Applications: Boiler, Hot-water Heater, Vacuum cleaner, Duplicator, Electric Stove, Oven, Dryers, Refrigerator, Dish washer, Air-conditioning etc.
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