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NTC Surfaceface Temperature Sensor MFS-002
NTC Surfaceface Temperature Sensor » MFS-002

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NTC Surfaceface Temperature Sensor

Ring lug NTC thermistor surface temperature probes are designed for screw-in-place applications. Most of these temperature probe housings are standard ring terminals or ring lugs with the thermistor potted in the barrel of the lug, popular for temperature measurement, control, and monitoring of small motors, heat exchangers, and fluid pumping systems, semiconductor heatsinks, enclosure panels, etc. They are also easily mounted in instruments where over temperature protection is required.

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NTC Surfaceface Temperature Sensor Details

For various machine surface measure
With metal body and bear high temperature
With precise measure
Convenient Install
Rated Zero Power Resistance Rang(R25): 0.1~3780kΩ
Beta Value Rang(B25/50):3100-4500K
Dissipation Factor: ≥7mW/ºC(in static air)
Thermal Time Constant: ≤15S (in static air)
Working Temperature: -40~105 ºC
Normal Electrical Strength: AC:1800V 5S
R25 Differential: F(1%) G(2%)  H(3%)  J(5%)  K(10%)
B Value Differential: ± 0.5%; ± 1%; ± 2%
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