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Ranco Caplliary Thermostat K50-P1110(VC1)
Ranco Caplliary Thermostat » K50-P1110(VC1)

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Ranco Caplliary Thermostat

The capillary thermostat has an excellent dial adjustable design used to control temperature in air or fluid applications. This design offers exceptional flexibility with its remote sensing feature. Applications include refrigeration, agriculture, food service equipment, saunas and numerous industrial uses
This product series is based on fixed-temperature rest. It has the function of force-stop not-stop and provides high accuracy in temperature control, wide temperature control range and dependability is high. It is best applicable for frozen case, direct-cold, two-door dual-temperature refrigerator, Multi-door alternate refrigeration refrigerator, water dispenser and cold-drink machine.

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Ranco Caplliary Thermostat Details

Available temp: +15 ~ -35 ℃               Temperature control scope:≤25 ℃         
Differential:5 ~ 14 ℃
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