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Epoxy Air Temperature Sensor MFE-001
Epoxy Air Temperature Sensor » MFE-001

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Epoxy Air Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor is a device that gathers data concerning the temperature from a source and converts it to a form that can be understood either by an observer or another device. Temperature sensors come in many different forms and are used for a wide variety of purposes, from simple home use to extremely accurate and precise scientific use. They play a very important role almost everywhere that they are applied; knowing the temperature helps people to pick their clothing before a walk outside just as it helps chemists to understand the data collected from a complex chemical reaction.

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Epoxy Air Temperature Sensor Details

Air condition
Disinfection cabinet
water fountain
Thermistor temperature probe with epoxy resin encapsulation
PVC-insulatd wires
Moisture resistant
Small, quick temperature response
Resistance Rang(R25): 0.1~3780kΩ
Beta Value Rang(B25/50):3100-4500K
Dissipation Factor: ≥2mW/ºC(in static air)
Thermal Time Constant: ≤4S (in static air)
Working Temperature: -30~105 ºC
Normal Electrical Strength: AC:1800V 5S
R25 Differential: F(1%) G(2%)  H(3%)  J(5%)  K(10%)
B Value Differential: ± 0.5%; ± 1%; ± 2%
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