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coffee maker heating element GMCL362
coffee maker heating element » GMCL362

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coffee maker heating element

Underfloor heaters consist of aluminum pipe sheath heaters welded to stainless plates.

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Underfloor heaters consist of aluminum pipe sheath heaters welded to stainless plates.
Underfloor Heaters
More than 200 sizes and shapes for electrical kettles, made of 304, 316L...etc. Boundless to match your imagination. Our underfloor heaters is suitable for "Strix" and "Otter" as well as other controls.
Underfloor heating element for kettles.
Can be used as bottom plates of pots, since sheath heaters are welded to stainless plates.
Most suitable for heating water in pots and tanks.
Free from corrosion caused by water, since the heaters are not operated in water like heaters for in-water heating.
Underfloor heaters with stainless steel and high-nickel steel pipe sheath heaters are also available.
All-around welding is required to assemble, since these heaters are used as the bottom plates of pots and tanks.
Cannot be used without water when aluminum pipe sheath heaters are incorporated.
Small appliance/domestic using heaters adopt advanced technology in stainless steel welding, aluminum casting, pure aluminum/copper pipe casting etc. Our electric heaters are widely used in clothing irons heaters, coffee-makers heater, humidifiers heater, electric steam pan tea heater, electric kettle heater, bakery oven heater, frying-pan heater, stove heater, oven heater, water heater, etc.
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