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Thermal Protector VC2
Thermal Protector » VC2

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Thermal Protector

Model VC2 is type of thermostat/thermal protector consisted of bimetal construction. Low resistor circuit with gold diffused point devise inside .It is suitable for household electrical appliance, dynamoelectric tool and battery that required thermal resistance protect.

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Thermal Protector Details

Being of gradual open & gradual close contact point design, it can avoid creating a conspicuous temperature difference to maintain a constant temperature condition.
VC1 adopts entire-silver contacted materials with gold-plated surface finish, which is very suitable for low voltage/small electric current appliances use.
Use lower resistance bimetal materials to ensure normal circuit request.
The temperature of the thermal switch is pre-setup before leaving the factory to be used in place where don’t need to module temperature.
The case of the thermal switch is electric current passable that can be functioned directly by soldering the lead or nickel or with an isolation sleeve on it.  
VC1: Circuit disconnected (normally closed) when temperature rises under normal operating status.
VC1-R: Circuit connected (normally open) when temperature rises under normal operating status.
Electric rating: DC 24V / 8A, AC 120V / 6A
Life Cycle: 100,000 cycles.
Temperature range: Operating temperature: 35℃-150℃ 
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