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Thermal Protector VAA1L
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Thermal Protector

VAA1L adopt bimetal to control the temperature. Specially using gold-plated low resistance circuit as its internal part and let the performance become highly efficiency.
Because of constant temperature control design, and compact shape, they are very applicable to heating blanket, heating pad, and all kinds of home appliances.

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Use conductive bimetal material to make sure stable currency and the low voltage/current requirement Isothermal Machine
It can be switch turn on / off gradually in order to maintain a constant & stable temperature.
Preset down the temperature range before delivery, can' t be adjustable .
Terminal end can be connected with lead wire directly.
Available to normally open and normally closed
Wiring or fuse process are available.
The terminal can be directly connected to wire. Its metal case is electric current passable that can be functioned with an isolation sleeve on it.
Electrical Characteristics: AC120V/5ADC24V/5A
Temperature Range: Temperature range: 5 ℃ - 180 ℃
Temperature Tolerance: Standard tolerance:  ± 5 ℃ . Tolerance within ± 1 ℃ and ± 8 ℃ is also available upon request.
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