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Ozone Generator JD-101
Ozone Generator » JD-101

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Ozone Generator

The concentration of ozone created by an ozone generator is dependent on many factors. The concentration is higher if a powerful device or more than one device is used. Also, if the room has fewer rather than more materials and furnishings that adsorb or react with ozone and the outdoor concentrations are low, the concentrations will be higher if a more powerful device or more than one device is used. The closeness of a person to the ozone operating device can affect the exposure. This concentration is most where the ozone exits from the device. This decreases as the person moves further away.

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Ozone Generator Details

Air Cleaner
Disinfection Plant
Car oxygen bar
Foot Massage

Input Voltage
DC:6~24V / AC100V~240V
Density of Anion
By your demand
By your demand

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