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Epoxy Coated NTC Thermistor MF5A-4(epoxy-sealed ,enamel wire)
Epoxy Coated NTC Thermistor » MF5A-4(epoxy-sealed ,enamel wire)

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MF5A-4(epoxy-sealed ,enamel wire)

Epoxy Coated NTC Thermistor

NTC thermistor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor. It is to use a single high-purity material, with close to theoretical density structure of high-performance ceramics. Thus, in the realization of miniaturization, it is also a resistance value, temperature characteristics of fluctuation is small, fast response to temperature changes of various characteristics, can be highly sensitive, high-precision detection. Our company offers a variety of shapes and characteristics of small, high-reliability products to satisfy the customer's application requirements.

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Epoxy Coated NTC Thermistor Details

Air condition & Warm Appliances
Electric thermometer, auto electronic
Electric desk diary, Phone battery
Hydraulic Sensor, Medical appliance
High precision for test
Quick response
High stability under temperature shock
Resistance Rang(R25): 0.1~3780kΩ
Beta Value Rang(B25/50):3100-4500K
Dissipation Factor: ≥2mW/ºC(in static air)
Thermal Time Constant: ≤7S (in static air)
Working Temperature: -40~125 ºC
Normal Electrical Strength: AC:1800V 5S
R25 Differential: F(1%) G(2%)  H(3%)  J(5%)  K(10%)
B Value Differential: ± 0.5%; ± 1%; ± 2%
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