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360 degree Kettle Thermostat KSD310A
360 degree Kettle Thermostat » KSD310A

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360 degree Kettle Thermostat

This type kettle thermostat is suitable for temperature control of electric kettle,the bimetal piece has high quality and acumen.
The insulated plastic material could be ensured high temperature Steam automatic skip protection and dry burn prevent protection for safer use Reasonable configuration and easy assemble, wide range temperature, long life.

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360 degree Kettle Thermostat Details

Technology Parameter:
1) AC110V~240V 50~60Hz  13A
2) Stew water temperature 78℃~84℃
 3) Prevent stewing  temperature 125℃~132℃
 1) Stew water and prevent stew water are in one  organic;
  2) Using the indicator light to have the card  orient function:
  3) The rotating type keeps in touch from all angles;
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