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Defrost Thermostats KSD30-001
Defrost Thermostats » KSD30-001

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Defrost Thermostats

A defrost thermostat is a device that limits how much heat is applied to the defrost heaters typically found in refrigeration units. They allow current to flow when they reach a certain low (cut-in) temperature. During the defrost cycle, they in-turn pass current to the defrost heaters. When the heaters cause the evaporator coils to reach a certain (cut-off) temperature, the defrost thermostat cuts-out and stops the current flow to the defrost heaters. This action protects the refrigerator and the consumer from hazardous conditions and unnecessary power usage. Defrost thermostats fail often due to the large temperature swings that they are subject to.

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Defrost Thermostats Details

Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat Feature:
With temperature protect thermal cut off.
Easy to install at the small or narrow space.
Slim shape-Small size with high contacting capacitance.
Available waterproof & dustproof types with welding vinyl tube on the parts.
Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat Function:
Refrigerator defrost thermostat is used for temperature control during defrost in the refrigerator or the ice machine, which can be used for automatic temperature controls in the refrigerator heating compensation and electric heating defrosting. Its structure features application of resin to completely seal the electric parts, allowing to be installed in a narrow space and boasting humidity-proof and wet-proof. 


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