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Battery Thermal Protector JRM
Battery Thermal Protector » JRM

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Battery Thermal Protector

JRM series thermal protectors are sensitive to temperature changing & safe. The high quality bimetal is sensitive element in product. They are enclosed by metal case and will reset by themselves
This type thermal protectors are not only widely used for production in DC electrical tools, miner’s lamp, PC, interphone and rechargeable battery in vidicon, but also can be used for temperature control in medical tools, house-holding machine and some low-voltage electric machine.

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Battery Thermal Protector Details

Action temp.: -20℃~200℃
Tolerance: ±5℃
Reset temp : a rang of 2℃ below action temperature
Used condition : -20℃~200℃
Rated voltage: DC24V, AC120V
Rated current: 2A, 3A, 5A
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